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Gov. Ducey's 2019 budget includes funding for AZGS

Gov. Ducey's 2019 fiscal year budget includes a Special Line Appropriation for the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) of $941,000 (Table1). Identical to what AZGS received from the state in fiscal year 2018.

State funding is essential to the economic health and well-being of AZGS. State funds support our administrative team and meets our logistical needs (e.g. rent and overhead costs). It also provides matching funds for our STATEMAP (USGS) and earthquake outreach (FEMA's Natl. Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program) programs, both of which require a dollar-for-dollar match. In the case of STATEMAP, that usually amounts to a match of ~ $170,000; our earthquake outreach program requires a match of about $31,000.

Besides that, state funds provide partial support for staff salaries, and our outreach efforts - in-person presentations, publications, web sites, social media, and more.

Gov. Ducey Special Line Appropriation FY-2019 Budget
Table 1. Gov. Ducey's FY-2019 Budget - Special Lines Appropriation

Background. In July 2016, AZGS was transferred from the state of Arizona to the College of Science at the University of Arizona. Our annual budget of $941,000 was zeroed out, and the Univ. of Arizona received a one-time state allocation of $941,000 to assist us in getting settled. Our library resources were reduced by ~ 80% and our staff reduced from ~ 30 to 15 employees.

In July 2017 (fiscal year 2018), the state legislature’s budget, which was subsequently signed by Governor Ducey, resumed annual funding of AZGS at 2016 levels ($941,000).