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Bob Comer, President AEMA

American Exploration & Mining Assn. - Advocating Mining

Arizona Mining Review – 15 Feb. 2018 – 43rd episode

Interview with Bob Comer, President of American Exploration and Mining Association

On 15 Feb., Bob Comer, President of the American Exploration and Mining Association (AEMA), sat with AZGS’s Mike Conway to film the 43rd episode of the Arizona Mining Review. Bob was in town to host AEMA’s Winter Reception at the DoubleTree Tucson – Reid Park.  

AEMA, an advocate for the North American mining community, has 2,000 members in 46 U.S. states, Canada, and 11 foreign countries. They host the 2nd largest annual mining convention and expo in the U.S. each December.

AMEA poster

Bob discussed AEMA’s role in informing the public of how mining figures in America’s economic and technological growth and national security the 21st century. As Bob noted, ‘if you can’t grow it, you have to mine it.’

Interview topics include:  

  • How AEMA serves Arizona mining
  • AEMA’s advocacy role for American mining
  • Addressing the public’s concern of environmental impacts
  • The long-term impact of automation on the mining community
  • America’s growing green energy sector and it’s impact on mining in America

AZGS’s thanks AEMA’s Matt Ellsworth and Devon Coquillard for help in scheduling Bob Comer’s interview.

AMR Episode 43 ~ 10-minute in length.
The Arizona Mining Review is a product of the Arizona Geological Survey.