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Grand Canyon resource

AZGS Online Resources for Educators & Others

Note to Arizona Teachers (K-12, College, University).

The Arizona Geological Survey makes geologic resources freely available to you and your students. Listed below are some of the online resources at highest demand.
Please feel free to share these digital resources with your colleagues, students, and others.

Mike Conway, Senior Res. Scientist
AZGS @ UArizona

AZGS Web environments

At the AZGS Home Page:

  1. Interactive Geologic Map of ArizonaInteractive Geologic Map of Grand Canyon
  2. Natural Hazards in Arizona Viewer – Earthquake epicenters, earth fissures, faults, landslides, wildfires, and floods – databases available to query.
  3. Center for Natural Hazards in Arizona
  4. Mining in Arizona & ancillary pages  -  Interactive Active Mines in Arizona
  5. AZGS StoryMaps – including geoheritage tours of SE Arizona and Flagstaff
  6. Arizona Geology Newsletter Archive (1971-2011) | Arizona Geology e-Magazine
  7. Map & Database Services – A variety of things
  8. Online Photo Gallery – More than 525 captioned geologic features
  9. Down to Earth popular geology booklets (21) -  (for your students & community)
  10. Recent Publications  e.g., Grand Canyon Stratigraphy by Bob Leighty
  11. New ‘Basin Analysis’ page

AZGS Social Media – Invite your students to follow us!