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Walking & Geoheritage Tour of Phoenix, AZ

The main entrance to old Phoenix City Hall on the west side of the historic Maricopa County Courthouse is faithfully guarded by two terra cotta sculptures of the mythological phoenix. This is just one stop on the walking tour of downtown Phoenix launched in time for the 5,800+ geoscientists descending on Phoenix for the 131st Annual Conference of the Geological Society of America at the Phoenix Convention Center, 22-25 Sept 2019.

Google Earth Tour: The Faults of Flagstaff, Arizona

This 4-minute Google Earth flight examines the Lake Mary and Cataract Creek Fault systems near Flagstaff, Arizona. The 25-mile-long Lake Mary fault extends from Mormon Lake north to the city boundary of Flagstaff. It comprises dozens of active fault strands. If the entire fault ruptured, it would produce a M7 earthquake that would damage and crumble unreinforced masonry buildings in downtown Flagstaff.  

To view the video:

AZGS puts its shoulder to the wheel at GSA-2019
AZGS has a strong presence at GSA-2019 in Phoenix, Arizona, on the week of 22 Sept. 2019.
UA Arizona Geological Survey Activities Help Power Arizona’s Economy
AZGS contributed nearly $32 million to Arizona’s economy over the past year – a 34-fold return on the survey’s FY-2018 state allocation of $941,000.
Bill Chenoweth's uranium reports - AZ, CO, NM, UT
Between 1983 and 2018, Bill Chenoweth published ~ 150 uranium reports for sites in the southwestern US.
RIP Dr. Spence Titley 1928 -2019
Dr. Spencer R. Titley passed away in Tucson on Sunday morning, August 18, 2019.
A death in the family: Sarah (Andrews) Brown
Sarah (Andrews) Brown, petroleum geologist and author of the Em Hansen mystery series, passed away in a private plane crash along with her husband, Damon, and their son Duncan on 24 July 2019.
NEW Directory of Active Mines in Arizona 2019

In FY 2019, there were 380 active, full-time mines or development projects in the state of Arizona (Richardson and others, 2019). The new Directory of Active Mines in Arizona: FY 2019, a joint product of the Arizona Mine Inspector’s Office and the Arizona Geological Survey, characterizes those active mines.

Fresh time-lapse videos of historic Arizona Earthquakes 1860-2019
Arizona has earthquakes as the three time-lapse videos show.
Larry Wieland’s Grand Canyon Panorama Project
The Grand Canyon Panorama Project is a collection of hundreds of interconnected 360° panoramas of Grand Canyon National Park. The project was created by me 20 years ago.
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