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Grand Canyon through time: a geologic timeline
Geologic timeline of Grand Canyon with 'how to use' explanation.
New insights into the hydrogeologic conditions of the eastern Higley and northern Picacho Basins, Florence, AZ

The Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) compiled and analyzed physical, geophysical and geologic data for Higley and northern Picacho basins near Florence, Arizona, to evaluate hydrogeologic conditions and boundaries related to groundwater potential. This investigation shows that depth to bedrock, basin fill alluvium, interbedded basalt flows, and faults are more extensive in the two-basin area than previously thought. This may have important ramifications for the volume and distribution of groundwater resources.

More than a map: the Geologic Highway Map of Arizona
The Geologic Highway Map of Arizona is a treasure trove ...
Geoheritage Tour of Southern Arizona
Arizona's splendid geoheritage sites powers geotourism for Arizonans and American and foreign tourists.
Life of a Sand Grain
They surround you almost anywhere you are in Arizona. They cling to your shoes, they end up in pockets and pant cuffs, they provide a little crunch to that clam chowder you made, they color the water of streams tumbling through mountain canyons, and they wash back and forth in the waves on the shore of an ocean or lake.
In the Footsteps of the Master
As a newly minted faculty member in geology at the University of Wisconsin in 1964, the opportunity to join Bob Dott in co-teaching our traditional summer “field mapping” course was one I could not refuse.
Earth fissure undermines Houston Avenue in Apache Junction, Arizona
The 2018 monsoon season opened an earth fissure in Apache Junction that damaged and closed Houston Avenue road.
Witness to a revolution
I continue to marvel at the realization that I was one of those fortunate geologists to have a career spanning this revolutionary period in the earth sciences, and marvel at how much it’s simply taken for granted that plate tectonics is a fact of geologic life today.
Natural Hazards in Arizona Viewer w/ statewide Landslide theme
Version 2.0 of the Natural Hazards in Arizona viewer includes more than 8,000 landslide features covering more than 800 square miles.
The Science of Caves - LIVE!

William B. White, Ph.D. and Professor Emeritus at Penn State’s Dept. of Geochemistry, is one of the world’s great authorities on cave formation and cavern features.

The Arizona Geological Society will host Dr. White’s presentation, ‘The Science of Caves and Cave Contributions to Science’.  This hour-long presentation, with 15-minutes for questions, will paint a ‘broad brush overview of cave sciences in the 21th Century.’

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