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Shaking it up with AZGS’ Earthquake Fault Videos

As part of our earthquake preparedness program, ‘Arizona has Earthquakes’, we've produced a suite of video shorts showcasing active fault systems in Arizona. Our objective: to inform the Arizona public and decision-makers of the nature, magnitude and frequency of earthquakes impacting Arizona.

These videos have found an audience and are among the most popular videos at our AZGSWeb Youtube channel.

Here’s our fault-earthquake hit list arranged in order of popularity.  Have a look.

Lake Mary Fault - Dr. D. Brumbaugh  (10,382 views)
Big Chino Fault - Dr. P. Pearthree  (4,838 views)
1887 Sonora Earthquake – Dr. P. Pearthree (4,826 views)
Earthquakes in Arizona: 1852-2011 (4,823 views)
Little Chino Fault – B. Gootee (4,799 views)
Earthquake Monitoring in Arizona: D. Brumbaugh & L. Linville (4,182 views)
NW Arizona Earthquake Swarm 2016 – Dr. L. Allison (2,159 views)
Fate of the Santa Rita Fault, SE Arizona – Dr. P. Pearthree (1,877)

The Lake Mary Fault encroaches on the Flagstaff city boundary, representing a substantial threat to that community. The active Santa Rita Fault is situated about 20 miles south of Tucson, Arizona, and potentially threatens the second largest city in Arizona. Prescott, Arizona, is threatened by activity on the Big Chino and Little Chino Faults.

Upcoming videos. We plan to produce several new videos later this year, including an update to our historical time-lapse earthquake video.

For more, download Arizona is Earthquake Country; an illustrated, 48-page booklet on faults and earthquakes in Arizona.

Funding for these video products was provided by FEMA's National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program (NEHRP).

Posted by M. Conway