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Drill rig in the eastern Higley Basin with the northern Picacho Basin on the horizon.

New insights into the hydrogeologic conditions of the eastern Higley and northern Picacho Basins, Florence, AZ

The Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) compiled and analyzed physical, geophysical and geologic data for Higley and northern Picacho basins near Florence, Arizona, to evaluate hydrogeologic conditions and boundaries related to groundwater potential. This investigation shows that depth to bedrock, basin fill alluvium, interbedded basalt flows, and faults are more extensive in the two-basin area than previously thought. This may have important ramifications for the volume and distribution of groundwater resources.

This study follows a previous investigation to determine similar relationships immediately to the north in the East Salt River Valley (ESRV), eastern Higley basin, published in AZGS Special Paper-11 (Gootee et al., 2017).

The results of this research, “Revised depth-to-bedrock and depth-to-base of Gila River deposits along the southern Higley and northern Picacho Basin boundary, Pinal County, Arizona” are online at

Funding for this research was provided in part by the Salt River Project.

Posted by Brian Gootee (1/29/2019)

Cover image: Drone aerial image looking south along Hwy 79 from an exploratory boring that was drilled in the southeastern portion of Higley basin in March, 2016 (results in AZGS SP-11).  Along the horizon is the northernmost Picacho basin and inset Gila River, with the Town of Florence, Florence Military Reservation and Picacho Mountains seen at top right of photo. 
Figure 7 from the report.

Figure 7 from the report