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Rebooting AZGS' Economic Geology Program - 2019

Economic geologist Carson Richardson joined the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) in January 2019. State geologist Phil Pearthree interviews Carson on the future direction of AZGS’ Economic Geology program for the 48th episode of the Arizona Mining Review e-video magazine.

Carson is a Ph.D.-candidate finalizing his dissertation at the University of Arizona. His recent research interests included: structural geology and ore deposits of the northern Shoshone Range, Nevada; and the magnitude and timing of structural deformation, Goshute-Toano Range, Nevada.

Carson’s chief task at AZGS is to restart our economic geology program. He’ll be involved in AZGS STATEMAP geologic mapping, too, working with Charles Ferguson and Brad Johnson on areas of mineral alteration commensurate with potential mineral resources. One potentially fruitful avenue is to add to the existing Arizona mineral database on mineral production of mines and mining districts in central and western Arizona. Carson will be following in the footsteps of Stanton Keith and Stan Keith who published indexes of mining properties for Cochise, Pima, Santa Cruz and Yuma Counties; available for free download from the AZGS Online Document Repository.

You can view the video here: Arizona Mining Review 48th episode

Index of Mining Properties for 4 Arizona Counties

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