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Flagstaff, Arizona

10 Earthquakes that Rattled Arizona

This new StoryMap, 'Ten earthquakes that rattled Arizona', illustrates that Arizona has earthquakes and the potential for damaging, even life-threatening, earthquakes. Moreover, Arizona is subject to seismic activity in the neighboring states of California, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico, and Baja California and Sonora, Mexico.

To protect yourself from the ground shaking that accompanies moderate to large magnitude earthquakes, practice 'Drop, Cover and Hold On'. Follow the guidelines in Arizona is Earthquake Country to earthquake-proof your property or business.

Preparing for earthquakes could save you from injury and your home from damage in the event of a moderate to large magnitude earthquake.

Image: City of Flagstaff in northern Arizona. Flagstaff is surrounded by faults of the Northern Arizona Seismic Zone, an area of heightened earthquake activity.  Historic downtown Flagstaff consists largely of unreinforced masonry buildings, a type of construction that performs poorly in the face of ground shaking from earthquakes.

Church of northern Sonora collapsed during 1887 Sonoran earthquake.
Church of northern Sonora collapsed during 1887 Sonoran earthquake.

M. Conway / 9/16/2019