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Rebirth of the Sacaton Copper Mine, Casa Grande, Arizona?

Elim Mining recently purchased the Sacaton open pit mine near Casa Grande, Arizona, with the hope of reopening the mine. The chief ore is porphyry copper, but Elim hopes to garner some gold, silver, and molybdenum, too.

Elim Mining’s decision to revisit Sacaton may have been prompted by voluminous data - geologic, geophysical, and geochemical - gleaned from dozens of Sacaton Mine-related documents served from the Arizona Geological Survey Mining Data site (ex., Richard, ca. 1970).

The Sacaton mine was operated by ASARCO from April 1974 to March 1984. When producing, the mine employed 400 people and churned out 11,000 tons per day.

For more details, see the article by Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa in the 26 Oct. issue of the Casa Grande Dispatch.  

Image courtesy of Google Earth (11/2018)

Gallery Images: Cross section of Sacaton porphyry copper deposit (Richard, ca. 1970); Induced polarization map; screenshot of several file names from the several dozen Sacaton-related files at the AZGS Mining Data site

Richard, K., ca. 1970, Sacaton Mine History of Discovery, Arizona Geological Survey Mining Data Site. (Note: This manuscript is one of a number of documents available at this URL).