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Mead Slope fault system on shores of Lake Mead, Arizona

A new Arizona Geology

This year we have rebooted our periodical news magazine, Arizona Geology. It has been a work in progress – the format of the first issue released early this year was a bit rough, but we put more time and effort into laying out the Summer 2021 issue released last week. We plan to release 3 issues per year, with the intent of reaching our current stakeholders and consumers of geologic information through an attractive format, providing interesting articles and other pertinent information. Each issue will feature a longer (but not too long!) article highlighting some pertinent and timely aspect of geology in Arizona – the main article in the current issue focuses on the past, present, and future of our geologic mapping efforts. Issues will also contain summaries of our new publications and other information that we think might be useful to our stakeholders.

This is not a huge change from what we have been doing with our e-magazine, just a bit more organized and produced regularly. Arizona Geology and its predecessor Fieldnotes were published for 40 years, for many years as hard-copies and in later years in digital format only (you can find all of these in digital form on our website). In 2011, we opted to drop the regular release of Arizona Geology in favor of timely short articles and blog posts. With this reboot, we aim to re-establish permanence for this publication. Our hope is that it will appeal to our current audience by providing useful information about Arizona geology in a manner that is not too technical, and allow folks in future decades to get a sense of what we were working on and show what was important to the AZGS.

Thanks to Mike Conway for assembling most of the content for the new Arizona Geology, and to Carson Richardson for putting together the new format. We hope you like it!

Phil Pearthree (7/12/2021)

Title image: Overview of completed mapping in the Mead Slope fault area. Major faults shown as black lines, Lake Mead on west and southwest side of the image.

Arizona Geology Summer Newsletter 2021 V.42 No.2