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American Exploration & Mining Assn. - Advocating Mining
Arizona Mining Review interview with Bob Comer, President of the American Exploration and Mining Association.
Arizona's mining landscape looks bright in 2018
Mining advocate Steve Trussell weighs in on the Arizona mining landscape of 2018.
Arizona Mining Review: Interview with ASARCO's Joe Wilhelm on Retrofit of the Hayden Copper Smelter
On 28 Sept. 2017, I drove to Hayden to interview long-time ASARCO employee Joe Wilhelm regarding the history and future of the Hayden Smelter.
Return of Arizona Mining Review: Mining Pozzolan in Central Arizona
Following a 15-month hiatus, the Arizona Mining Review (AMR) filmed and its 40th episode, Pozzolan mining in central Arizona, on 28 Aug 2017.
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