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Walking & Geoheritage Tour of Phoenix, AZ

The main entrance to old Phoenix City Hall on the west side of the historic Maricopa County Courthouse is faithfully guarded by two terra cotta sculptures of the mythological phoenix. This is just one stop on the walking tour of downtown Phoenix launched in time for the 5,800+ geoscientists descending on Phoenix for the 131st Annual Conference of the Geological Society of America at the Phoenix Convention Center, 22-25 Sept 2019.

Preliminary evaluation of mineral resources of the Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage area

      In March 2019, President Donald Trump signed a public lands bill creating the Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage area encompassing parts of Santa Cruz and Pima Counties. This followed more than a decade of effort on the part of U.S.

A Geoheritage tour of Flagstaff & environs, northern Arizona
‘Touring Geoheritage Sites of Flagstaff & Environs’ StoryMap highlights 30 of the most prominent geologic, archaeologic, and cultural features near Flagstaff, Arizona.
Geoheritage Tour of Southern Arizona
Arizona's splendid geoheritage sites powers geotourism for Arizonans and American and foreign tourists.
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