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We’re #2 in nonfuel mineral production in the U.S. in 2017

The US Geological Survey just released the Mineral Commodity Summaries 2018 for 2017. Arizona fared well. With nonfuel mineral production topping $6.61 billion, Arizona is the #2 state in the U.S. Nevada is a runaway first with $8.68 billion in nonfuel mineral production. Arizona is at a competitive disadvantage here; gold ($1352/oz) trumps copper ($3.20/lbs) every time.

Collectively in the U.S., nonfuel minerals generated $19,387 billion in gross domestic product in 2017 (source: USGS).


Nonfuel mineral production in U.S. 2017
Arizona is #2 in nonfuel mineral production in the U.S.

In decreasing order of value, mineral production in Arizona was led by copper, sand & gravel (construction), molybdenum concentrates, cement (Portland), and crushed stone.

Some Arizona mineral production highlights for 2017.

  • 1st in copper production with ~ 68% of domestic production
  • 2nd in gemstone production after Oregon and ahead of Idaho
  • 5th in producing sand and gravel for construction
    • Other industrial minerals produced in Arizona in 2017: gypsum, dimension stone, clay, zeolites, bentonite, perlite, and salt
  • 6th in production of zeolites, and the only producer of chabazite
  • Arizona joins six other states involved in helium production
  • Arizona is one of five states with molybdenum production
  • Arizona is a leader in Rhenium production with four of the six operations in the U.S.
Posted M. Conway, 1 Feb. 2018