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Making US Bureau of Mines’ Reports Accessible at AZGS Document Repository

For 85 years, ending in 1996, the US Bureau of Mines (USBM) drafted and released 1000s of seminal reports on mineral resources and mining technology in the United States. The contents of those reports still have value. Unfortunately, access to USBM reports frequently proves difficult.

To ascertain that our stakeholders, the Arizona mineral and mining community, decision-makers, and the Arizona public can retrieve Arizona-centric US Bureau of Mines publications, we are making them available for download at the Arizona Geological Survey’s online Document Repository.

The USBM published three major series as well as a number of special reports. Our objective is to provide access to Arizona-specific reports.

  • USBM Information Circular (I.C.) (32 reports available)    published  1936 - 1989 
  • USBM Report of Investigation (R.I.) (8 reports available) published  1948- 1988
  • USBM Mineral Land Assessment (MLA) (~90 reports pending) published 1982 - 1995


The USBM I.C. and R.I. reports now accessible at the AZGS Document Repository cover a broad landscape of mineral- and mining-related topics. Including:

     Placer Mining                 Heap-leach practices           Processing gold and silver ore
     Beryllium deposits         Block-caving copper             Mercury potential in Arizona
     Iron Resources              Tungsten Deposits                Manganese deposits of E – W Arizona
    Chrysotile deposits         Uranium deposits                  Sand & Gravel deposits
    Recovering Rutile           Barite Deposits                     Artillery Peak Manganese

Incremental release of the ~ 90 MLA reports is scheduled for the next several weeks. MLA reports comprise two groups: 1) early reports assessing mineral resources within and near U.S. Forest Service RARE II and BLM Wilderness Study areas; and, 2) later reports systematically assessing mineral resources within U.S. Forest Service lands of Arizona (N. Niemuth, pers. Comm).

Acknowledgments. We thank the staff of the former Arizona Dept. of Mines and Mineral Resources for scanning and archiving electronic copies of BLM reports shared, or soon-to-be shared, at the AZGS Document Repository.

Posted M. Conway