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The U.S. Geological Survey’s Commodity Report – 2019: Arizona’s role in U.S. mineral production

The US Geological Survey just released their 2019 report on U.S and global mineral commodities ( Once again Arizona is second to Nevada in non-fuel mineral production in the U.S.

Arizona: U.S. Rank – 2 | $6,690 M mineral production| Percent of U.S. total 8.15

Chief Arizona mineral products: “cement (portland), copper, molybdenum concentrates, sand and gravel (construction), stone (crushed).”

Other Arizona industrial minerals: dimension stone, gypsum, clays, bentonite, salt, helium, perlite and industrial sands.

Copper Production in U.S., “Arizona was the leading copper-producing State and was responsible for about 66% of domestic output, followed by Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Michigan, and Missouri. Twenty-four mines recovered copper, 15 of which accounted for 99% of production. Three smelters, 3 electrolytic refineries, 4 fire refineries, and 14 electrowinning facilities operated during 2018”, from USGS commodity report.

Sand & Gravel Production in U.S., “Leading producing States were California, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Utah, in order of decreasing tonnage, which together accounted for about 55% of total output. It is estimated that about 44% of construction sand and gravel was used as concrete aggregates;”, extracted directly from the USGS commodity report.

Posted 3/2/2019 by Staff of AZGS