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AZGS impact on AZ Economy

UA Arizona Geological Survey Activities Help Power Arizona’s Economy

A new economic impact report shows the products and services of the University of Arizona’s Arizona Geological Survey (UA AZGS) contributed nearly $32 million to Arizona’s economy over the past year – a 34-fold return on the survey’s FY-2018 state allocation of $941,000.

A key finding of the study was that the ready availability of UA AZGS geologic products and services makes small- and medium-sized businesses more competitive with their larger counterparts. The report also highlighted that no other agency or entity provides such freely available, high-quality geologic products and services. (For some stakeholder comments on the efficacy of AZGS services and products see below.)

Figure 2b
Cost avoidance experienced by AZGS stakeholders in industry and government due to the veracity and accessibility of AZGS products and services.

The Eller assessment focuses on the  impact of AZGS geologic products and services on Arizona’s mining, environmental consulting, geohydrology, construction, and government communities.

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AZGS constituents speak out!

The Eller survey tool included open-ended questions for individuals to share their thoughts on the AZGS. There were hundreds of comments. Here are some representative attributed comments.

There are few days where I don’t use some AZGS product. I use it every single day, as do my own contractors. Now they display old ADMMR mine files. In a year, I touch AZGS products on 300 days. AZGS web product helps greatly.  Al Burch – consulting geologist

Only AZGS does the Holocene mapping along river systems – hard to replace, very expensive. Bill Greenslade consulting geohydrologist.

Since acquiring project in 2016 based on AZGS data – 2.5 million dollars to date, maybe another $10 million, if goes to mine $100M invested. Greg Hahn, CEO, Arizona Silver on his recent exploration efforts in western Arizona.

We use a lot of AZGS reports – geology, floodplain alluvium (San Pedro, Verde).  AZGS makes high quality mapping available ...  provides the baseline geologic info required for our projects. These data are essential for our work. Doug Bartlett, geohydrologist at Geo-Logic Inc.

Yes, I leverage AZGS reports and geologic maps in writing proposals and conducting research.’  ‘As a voter, taxpaper, and geologist, AZGS is one of the most important assets that Arizona has.  Dr. Steve Semken, Professor at Arizona State University, SESE

As consultant, we use geologic maps and reports to focus our consulting reports. As an advocate for mining on public board, we use AZGS more strategically. In case of proposed public land withdrawal, we’ll request the survey put together a report on historic mine production and resources. Eric Mears, Geologist & Mining Market Segment Leader at Haley and Aldrich.

Important for communities to plan and conserve natural resources.  AZGS can help with assessment and have been greatly helpful.  Now they will be tracking active mine locations in AZ – help planners. Steve Trussell, Exe. Director Arizona Rock Products Association; Exe. Director Arizona Mining Association.

My research and product is deeper and more robust because of these data. It makes me more efficient and more productive. And this can speed along the permitting process, too. There is a great deal of info applicable to health and safety – I do a little research and find info on the claim and describe the workings – this actually happened where I found underground map and assisted in mitigating hazards. Avi Buckles, Director of Cultural Resources, Westland Resources, commenting on the utility and veracity of digital mine files discovered at the AZGS Mining Data site.

Our industry (collectively) uses their products several times a week.  Because new homes must disclose a number of conditions to new buyers. Anything that could impact decision-making on part of new owner.  Earth fissure issue brings survey into it. AZGS maintains and communicates fissure info. Spencer Kamps, Vice President Legislative Affairs Homebuilders Association of Central Arizona.