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AMR 50th Episode: Arizona Silver Exploration gold-silver properties

On 14 Nov. 2019, we filmed the 50th episode of the Arizona Mining Review (AMR) e-Video Magazine. The first episode was filmed in Jan. 2013, then part of a year-long celebration of the Arizona Geological Survey's 125th anniversary. Carson Richardson, AZGS Economic Geologist, hosted the latest episode, following in the footsteps of Lee Allison, Nyal Niemuth, Mike Conway and Phil Pearthree.

Arizona Silver Exploration VP-of-Exploration Greg Hahn joined Carson at the AZGS studio at 1955 E. 6th St. Greg has a long history prospecting for precious metals, beginning in Arizona in the late 1970s. His latest exploration projects involve:

  • Gold-silver prospecting of the Philadelphia-Arabian property in the Oatman Mining District of Mohave County;
    • The Philadelphia-Arabian mine produced gold from about 1900 to the onset of World War II. It was shuttered during the war and never reopened.
  • The gold-silver Sycamore property in southern Graham County;  and,
  • The silver Ramsey property of La Paz County - see location map below.

Location map

Greg and his partners are keen on the Philadelphia-Arabian gold-silver prospect situated in Arizona's most productive gold-silver mining district. According to Greg Hahn, the Oatman district has produced about 2-million ounces of gold.

For additional information on the Philadelphia-Arabian property, see Arizona Silver Exploration's latest news release here.

The Sycamore Canyon property is on U.S. Forest Service lands; permits are pending for drilling three exploratory holes. The Ramsey silver prospect near Quartzsite is situated on a Late Tertiary detachment structure. Arizona Silver has drilled 20 exploration holes and successfully identified low-grade silver, lead and zinc mineralization. 

Carson asked about Greg Hahn's exploration philosophy. "We look at a lot of data and much of the data we look at comes from the Arizona Geological Survey's mining data base. A great resource for looking at historical data on a number of properties."

Arizona Mining Review Note. After seven years and 50 episodes, we are looking to retool the Arizona Mining Review format. We feel that we can better serve Arizona's mining, mineral and geoscience community by moving to a podcast format. More on that later.

Citation. AMR 50th Episode: Arizona Silver Exploration gold-silver properties with Greg Hahn (Arizona Silver Exploration). Arizona Geological Survey, Arizona Mining Review e-Video Magazine #50 (11/19/2019)