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AZGS at Work for Arizona: Landslides along the I-17 corridor in the Verde Valley
Part III. Landslides along the I-17 corridor near Camp Verde in central Arizona's Verde Valley.
US Geological Mining Dockets for Arizona: 1950 – 1974
The USGS Docket 1950 to 1974 collection for Arizona includes 357 mining properties.
AZGS at work for Arizona: Identifying landslide deposits and hazards along the I-17 corridor from Anthem to Flagstaff, AZ
AZGS geoscientists are examining and mapping landslide features along the I-17 corridor from Anthem to Flagstaff. The results will inform ADOT's $300+ million project to improve I-17.
Virtual Geological Field Trips for Education through Exploration
Studying the Earth in the field is an integral method of geoscience (Kastens et al., 2009), and teaching in the field is fundamental to geoscience education (Whitmeyer et al., 2009).
Running Blog: National Earthquake Program Managers at NEC

Every four years the National Earthquake Program Managers (NEPM) meeting dovetails with that of the National Earthquake Conference (NEC). The result is a 5-day conference to evaluate the latest in earthquake science, earthquake engineering, and earthquake mitigation strategies.

Reaching beyond the geosciences choir with social media
AZGS uses social media and web resources to reach beyond our native stakeholders to a broader public audience.
Graduate student’s investigating Arizona’s earth fissures
Graduate students at the UArizona and ASU wade into earth fissures.
UNESCO, AIPG and AGS examining subsidence and earth fissures in central Arizona
AZGS in the field examining earth fissures with UNESCO, AIPG and AGS.
Yavapai College Geology Students Joins GEM at Bagdad Mine
GEM sponsors Bagdad Copper Mine field trip for Yavapai College students.
The ineluctable march of earth fissures in southern Arizona
The ineluctable march of earth fissures in southern Arizona documented in newly revised earth fissure study area maps.
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