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Another year of STATEMAP!

We recently completed draft geologic maps for the 3 project areas promised in the 2017-18 STATEMAP cycle and delivered them to the Program Managers at the US Geological Survey.

The four draft geologic map products are:

  • DGM-127 - Geologic Map of the San Jose Area, Graham County, Arizona
  • DGM-128 - Geologic Map of the Northwestern Flagstaff Area, Coconino County, Arizona
  • DGM-129 - Geologic Map of the Southern Part of the Union Pass 7 ½’ Quadrangle, Mohave County, Arizona
  • DGM-130 - Geologic Map of the Secret Pass 7 ½’ Quadrangle, Mohave County, Arizona.

Note. This year’s STATEMAP products, e.g.,  graphics and GIS data, will be released to the public once they are finalized in the late summer or early fall of 2019.

STATEMAP is a wonderful program that has funded a tremendous amount of detailed geologic mapping by the AZGS in the past 25 years – over 150 maps. It is also a relentless program – as soon as we complete one year of mapping, we move on to the next projects areas, and in order to receive funding for the next year we have to deliver these draft map products on time. We work with our Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee (GMAC) to identify priority areas for new mapping each fall; after meeting with them we develop a proposal to submit to the USGS proposing new mapping based on their recommendations. We never get as much funding as we request, so we pare down our list of mapping areas in consultation with the GMAC. So we have new mapping projects lined up as we complete the current projects.

Congratulations are in order to all of the primary mappers who worked so hard to complete these maps. In alphabetical order:

Joe Cook, Charles Ferguson, Brian Gootee, Brad Johnson, Ann Youberg, Jeri Young Ben-Horin, and I helped out as well. We had great logistical support from Laura Bookman, Randi Bellassai, Gary Hudman, Andrew Zaffos.

On to the next STATEMAP cycle, which will involve a neat cooperative project in the Wickenburg area with Steve Reynolds of ASU, and new mapping south of Quartzsite in western Arizona.

Phil Pearthree, Ph.D.

Arizona State Geologist & Director of the Arizona Geological Survey