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Directory of Arizona's Active Mines-FY2021

AZGS' Open-File Report 'Directory of Active Mines in Arizona: FY2021' documents 433 active, full-time mines or development projects in the state of Arizona. Mines come in all shapes and sizes, from small sand and gravel operations providing materials for local road maintenance and construction to the large open-pit copper mines, such as Morenci and Ray.

Of these 433 active mines/projects, 294 are aggregate facilities that include products such as sand and gravel. The second largest category is that of building stone, with 67 sites, and includes products such as decorative stone and flag stone. The third is metallic mines/development projects, with 27 sites. The remaining categories (e.g., gypsum, cinders, uranium) account for only ~10% of all active mine sites.

2020 Mineral Attractiveness and Production

In 2020, Arizona was ranked the 2nd most attractive region in the world for mining and exploration by the Fraser Institute (Arizona ranked 9th in 2019), which considered both geologic attractiveness and favorable government policies.

Arizona is one of twelve U.S. states to produce more than $2 billion worth of principal nonfuel mineral commodities (i.e. cement, copper, molybdenum concentrates, sand and gravel, and stone). Arizona's production of non-fuel mineral commodities yielded $7.03 billion dollars accounting for 8.54% production in the U.S.; second only to Nevada ($9.140 billion accounting for 11.10% of U.S. production).In 2020, Arizona was the leading copper producing U.S. state accounting an estimated 74% of domestic output.

Distribution of active mines in Arizona ca. 2021

Values for 2021 mineral production should be forthcoming from the US Geological Survey in the 1st quarter of 2022.

Open-File Report-21-06 contents
•    Text: 4 pages that include pie-diagrams illustrating commodity types and ranking.
•    Excel file: With data for 433 mines – state ID number, name, location, company, product, commodity type;
•    7 Map plates: Statewide and by county or counties;
•    Interactive active mine map viewer

This directory is a joint product of the Arizona Geological Survey and the Arizona Mine Inspector’s Office.


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USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries 2021 (for non-fuel mineral production by state in 2020)

Posted 1/6/2021 by Victor Garcia (AZGS)