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AZGS geoscience on display at GSA-Connects 2022
Geoscience staff the AZGS head off to Denver, CO, to address colleagues at the Geological Society of America’s CONNECTS 2022 annual conference.
Origin of explosion pits on Banco Bonito Rhyolite flow
Investigating the origin of explosion pits on the surface of the ~68 ka Banco Bonito Rhyolite Lava Flow,
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument: Geologic Resource Report
The U.S. National Park Service' fresh, comprehensive ‘Geologic Resources Inventory Report’ for Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona. USA.
Rock Topple Event at Lake Powell, Memorial Day Weekend 2022
Massive rock topple at Lake Powell over Memorial Day weekend threatens boaters.
Karst Features on the Tonto National Forest
Karst features of the Tonto National Forest, Arizona
Small earthquake swarm detected near Roosevelt, Arizona: Feb. 25, 2022
Small swarm of earthquakes occur near Theodore Roosevelt Lake of central Arizona in February 2022.
Carbon Sequestration and Sonoran Desert Cacti
Can cacti sequestration of carbon dioxide play a role in global carbon sequestration program?
AZGS Online Resources for Educators & Others
Free online resources served by the Arizona Geological Survey.
Recent seismic excitement in the area of the 1887 Great Sonoran Earthquake
Recent seismicity in southeastern AZ, southwestern NM, and northern Mexico may reflect long term phenomenon coupled with the Great Sonoran M7.5 event of 1887.
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