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AZGS hiring for full-time Researcher/Scientist position

The Arizona Geological Survey has two full-time Researcher/Scientist III positions to assist with geologic mapping and other duties.  Full Description and Apply Now link.

Position Description.  The Research Scientist(s) will be responsible for assisting AZGS research efforts in two areas: 1) mineral resources and bedrock mapping, and 2) basin analysis, carbon sequestration, and/or hydrogeology. The holder(s) of the position(s) will provide technical, unbiased expertise to other researchers, public and private stakeholders, and members of the public, and further our understanding of Arizona’s natural resources.

Relevant areas of specialization include, but are not limited to: economic geology, igneous/metamorphic petrology, structural geology/tectonics, stratigraphy and sedimentology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, carbon sequestration, industrial minerals, and non-fuel energy resources (e.g., geothermal, lithium). The successful candidate(s) will participate in AZGS field investigations, develop and write proposals, and conduct office-based data compilation that will lead to the production of high-quality maps, reports, and presentations.


The Arizona Geological Survey at the UArizona is charged by state statute:

  • provide geologic information to enhance public understanding of the state's geologic character, geologic hazards and limitations, and mineral resources;
  • inform, advise and assist the Arizona public in matters concerning the geological processes, Earth materials, landscapes, and the development and use of mineral resources;
  • provide technical advice and assistance to industry while encouraging the wise and prudent use of Arizona lands and mineral resources;
  • provide technical geologic advice and assistance to state, tribal, and local civil authorities.

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